Creative architectural design can present many challenges when bringing the fireplace from a grand concept on paper to reality.  Most manufactured fireplaces don't have the flexibility in design, size, or dramatic options needed when a fireplace design sits outside the standard parameters.

  • UL Certified Custom Fireplace Program
  • Safe-T-Touch Glass and Open Hearth
  • Indoor - Outdoor - Indoor/Outdoor See Through
  • Multi-Sided - Multi-Shaped
  • Square - Round & Curved Glass
  • Very Tall  - Very Wide
  • Elevated Burners
  • Multi-Sided - Multi-Shaped
  • Customizable Interiors - Customizable Exteriors
  • Modern, Traditional and Everything In-between
  • Down-draft
  • Customize Venting and Air Locations
  • Flush Hearth Designs
  • Cantilever Designs
  • Envision Panel and Customizable Options You Won't Find Anywhere Else


Safe-T-Touch Glass

Our proprietary glass cooling system keeps the heat away from the outer glass surface to ensure a safe experience in any situation. No additional safety screen is needed and you get a clear view of the beautiful fire.

  • Double-pane glass with minimal 2" clearance between
  • Glass stays between 120-140 degrees
  • Stays cool to the touch and perfectly safe in case any curious fingers happen to touch it
  • Allows for combustible finishing materials to be brought up to the fireplace opening for more finishing flexibility

Open Hearth

Stellar Hearth custom fireplaces may also be designed without glass as an open hearth fireplace. Again, designed with a large view of the beautiful fire in mind, no glass recreates the look and feel of a more traditional fire.

  • UL Certified for up to 3' high opening
  • Taller openings than 3' will be UL Certified on-site
  • Combustible mantel must be placed at least 12" above fireplace opening
  • Stellar Hearth will provide the required CFM make-up air requirement
XKchrome LED App
Up close of ribbon burner with blue accent lights

Optional LED Lights
Optional LED lights are a great way to enhance the flame. The lights, controlled by the XKChrome app on your smart phone or tablet, or connected to your home automated system, will set the lights to a myriad of different hues and patterns to match whatever mood or color scheme you'd like.


If there is a particular color, shape, size or stone you are interested in and not finding here, please contact your Stellar Hearth representative.  We will work with you directly to find an alternative that fits your projects needs and meets the size requirements for the fireplace.

Flexibility To Create The Look You Want

How you finish the area around the fireplace will increase its impact on the space and reflect who you are.  Whether you prefer the simplistic details of a clean modern look, or you appreciate the juxtaposition of combining natural with industrial materials, or you like to push the envelope using unexpected artistic twists, the Galaxy Series is designed with minimal clearances to combustibles so you can get as creative as you like.

Safe-T-Touch Glass

Open Hearth

Envision Panel Option

The Design Potential Is Limitless
Taking customization one step further, you can now put virtually anything you want inside your fireplace by printing the image of your choice onto interior glass panels.

It could be artistic scenes, landscapes, your business name or logo, family crest or more! It is also a great way to match the exterior finishing materials such as brick, wood, marble, tile or stone and a have a seamless transition to the interior firebox with quick and easy installation.

*Not available for four-sided fireplaces.

Mirrored Panels Option

Putting mirrors inside a firebox may seem like an unexpected choice, but it truly can take the experience of the beautiful fire to a whole new level.

The mirrors reflect the flames, driftwood, media/natural stones and LED lights over and over and over again, creating a look that is different from wherever you are within the room.

You choose the amount of reflections you want. The mirrors have two sides; one with a subtle sheen that gives off soft reflections and a high sheen on the opposite side that is highly reflective creating endless iterations and a firebox full of flames.

Flames And Creativity Taken To New Heights

Large fireplaces are dramatic in their own right, but when you add in an elevated or suspended burner it will stop people in their tracks. You can further the customization by adding laser cut words or designs that can hi-light a family name, or promote a favorite team or business name.